25 travnja, 2024



Hrvatska kultura i događanja

Croatia is the country of culture, spirituality, century old beautiful and breath taking structures, and is very rich in natural beauty. Croatia officially the Republic of Croatia is situated in central Europe, surrounded by beautiful sea and breathe taking natural beauty the country is divided into two parts Herzegovina around Neum and non-contiguous parts by the coastline of Bosnia. The culture of Croatia is very old and has been around for 14 centuries, the culture of this country has evolved during this time. The main culture here is the mixture of three main cultures which are Greek, Roman, and Illyrian. The influence of these three cultures can be seen on the religious side of this country and is certainly reflected in its festivals and events.

There are many events that happen throughout the year.

In Croatia Cavtat is the main city where visitors go to experience the rich culture and enjoy the beautiful coastline of Croatia Cavtat. There are many 5 star hotels in Croatia the main two being hotel Croatia and the second hotel Croatia Cavtat. Hotel Croatia is situated in Dubrovnik; and hotel Croatia Cavtat is situated in Cavtat city itself. The main attractions and main events of this city are as follows:

1) International carnival of Rijeka- this is a 100 year old traditional festival which happens annually. This spectacular carnival attracts tourists, carnival groups, religious groups, and gains high media attention. This festival is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Croatia and is done beautifully.

2) Kastav carnival- the Kastav carnival takes place annually between 17 of January which is also known as St. Anthony’s day and Ash Wednesday. Traditionally villagers take place in this festival and are represented by Zvoncari. People wear sailor outfits and different types of masks with lamb pelts over their shoulders. During the march the people ring bells and make other noise.

3) Split Olympic sailing week- this event takes place in the Adriatic Sea along the split coast where people sail with white sails. Many people gather on the coast of Adriatic sea to see men and women competing in this weeklong festival.

4) RAF amateur film festival- this is the main event for young film makers. In this event many film makers present their work. This film festival allows short films which are made the previous year; every film must be 20 minutes long. The film with highest audience rating is voted the best film of the festival.

There are many other cultural festival that are spread across the year and gain attention internationally. During these festival Croatia is transformed into a live entity, and there is air of excitement everywhere.